DNF in Breda half marathon due to muscle problem

October 5th 2003 - Two weeks before the Amsterdam marathon Kamiel tested his shape in the 'Singelloop' in Breda. Running at 1.02 pace, a minor muscle ache got more and more serious, so Kamiel decided to stop at about 19 k. With the ING Amsteram Marathon coming up in two weeks, he did not want to take any risks. On Monday, Kamiel visited the federation's physician and his physical therapist who assured him there was no reason to worry about the marathon. Kamiel is getting treatment and hopes to resume training in a couple of days.

Race info

EventBredase Singelloop
CityBreda (NED)
DistanceHalf marathon
Result (DNF)
Complete result

No worries!

Dear friends,

As you may know by now, I did not finish the half marathon in the city of Breda. A bit disappointing of course, especially since this was the first time in my career I did not finish a race...
So, what happened? A stiffness in my right upper leg got worse and worse during the race. Though the finish was not far at 19 k, I decided to leave the race. I had the ING Amsterdam Marathon in the back of my mind, so did not want to take any risks. Today (Monday) I visited the federation's physician and my physical therapist. They diagnosed an inflammation and advised me to take a couple of days off. I treat my leg with ice, take some anti-inflammatory medication and will have some extra massage therapy over the next couple of days.
I hope to resume training in three to four days and do not think this minor injury will interfere with my preparation for Amsterdam. It turned out I was running at 1:02 pace in Breda, while I only ran at about 85-90% (on purpose)...
Anyway, history has tought me a couple of days of 'forced' rest usually do not hurt my performances. Actually, I lay in bed with fever, ten days before I claimed a silver medal at the European Champs cross country in 2001!

See you in Amsterdam on October 19th,


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