Final preparations for Beijing marathon

July 16th 2008 -

Kamiel Maase is training at altitude in Sankt Moritz right now. Today he did a 1 hour and 45 minutes run and tomorrow he will train on the local track in the wellknown Swiss village. The next two weeks he will be in Bad Dürrheim, Germany and at the 9th of august he and coach Bram Wassenaar will fly to Fukuoka, Japan for the final preparations.


Dodie Pope
July 23rd 2008

Kamiel, Your fans in Bunkie, Louisiana are rooting for you! Good luck, Dodie

Bernhard Kiers
August 5th 2008

Kamiel, Ik wens je enorm veel succes en plezier in Peking. Groet, Bernhard Kiers (Pto)

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